About Us

Oushu is a leading provider of big data and AI-based platform software, dedicated to providing a new generation of enterprise database and AI products to customers around the world. The products can meet the needs of mass data analysis of big data and AI era.

Most Oushu team members are from silicon valley big data companies, such as Oracle, Teradata and EMC/Pivotal, and most developers are Apache committers and PMC members. The core product of the company is Oushu Database, which is is highly scalable, ANSI-SQL compliant, and it provides interactive analysis capabilities for petabytes data. "Oushu" is invested by "Sequoia China" "Redpoint China"and"Kingsoft Cloud Holdings".

"Oushu" is invested by "Sequoia China", "Redpoint China" and "Kingsoft Cloud".

Founder & CEO - Dr. Lei CHANG

Dr. Lei Chang is the CEO of Oushu Inc. Before he founded Oushu Inc, he is an engineering director at Pivotal (EMC), where he led the R&D of HAWQ. And before Pivotal, he is a senior research scientist in EMC. Main research area includes parallel database, data analytics and cloud computing. He has published widely on data management and data mining in refereed journals and conferences, and holds dozens of US patents. He obtained his PhD degree in database from Peking University. In 2017, He is listed in "The top 100 innovative business people in China" by Fast Company, a famous business magazine.